About Navkar

Our Passion : To Unleash the Potential In Your Child
With the chanting of Vedic Mantras, each day Navkar Public School ,Rajim, springs back into life & action standing committed to develop the fundamentals of good education for human excellence We need to ensure that our children and young people have access to quality education. Through Navkar Public School we are determined to make a substantial impact in this area. Quality education is the most powerful tool for socio-economic transformation of a country.The Foundation implements and supports quality education programs across primary, elementary, senior secondary and higher education levels.

Our Mission : To promote personal, social and physical development of each student by inculcating values, and developing self confidence, communication skills and thinking skills so that they succeed in a changing world.

The elite society and the ignited minds showered their blessings and the school gradually acquired the strength to make the ground strong under her feet. It was the combined effort of the founder of the school and his strong,

At Navkar Public School Strive

  • To develop and imbibe the skills required for the 21st Century like Leadership, Teamwork, Global Consciousness, Communication and Technical skills.
  • To resolve issues such as: Memorized facts for tests, Too much of textbooks, Superficial knowledge.
  • To make learning more practical, to think differently, work differently and be more productive.
  • To achieve adaptive expertise (balance between efficiency and innovation).
  • To adapt to new situations rather than only apply what they have already learned.
  • Parents and teachers have to work together as partners in the process of learning. We promise you a safe, supportive and enriching experience
  • School Management ERP : "O3"

    The School Management ERP "O3" at our school in their management process and make the work flow such as documentation much faster to the previous systems. The system provides as with such a tool to manage and perform the routine work much quicker and easier to carry out. our ERP "O3" web based so that the information and data are carried out at anywhere. Our Information Technology partners N-WORKS provided this solution.